Meet Matt

Matt Lehman is a candidate to represent Kentucky’s 67th district in Kentucky’s House of Representatives, dedicated to restoring respectful and responsible leadership for our community.

A Northern Kentucky native, Matt is a product of St. Joseph Elementary in Crescent Springs and Covington Catholic High School.

He earned a Mitch McConnell scholarship to attend the University of Louisville, back when politicians put people before politics. After earning his M.S. from Columbia University in New York in 2002, Matt has worked in the medical research field in multiple states and abroad.

Matt and his wife Adriana returned to live in Newport in 2015, to raise their three children in the Commonwealth, in a community among their family and friends. Matt is proud of his family’s long legacy of contributions to Kentucky as union leaders, small businessmen and women, nurses, teachers, and public servants.

In this spirit, Matt co-founded Koligo Therapeutics in 2016 with collaborators from the University of Louisville to bring opioid-free treatment to pancreatitis patients.

Matt currently consults with the healthcare industry, helping to develop new therapeutics to treat cancer and autoimmune disease.