Kentucky has been deeply affected by the scourge of opioid abuse. Opioids have killed thousands of Kentuckians, overwhelmed law enforcement, and stressed our healthcare system.

Matt has worked to develop innovative treatments in the healthcare industry, including new ways to treat pancreatitis pain without opioids. He knows how the U.S. healthcare system works and how it has left too many families without access to treatment. Matt will fight to get Kentuckians the resources we need to overcome the opioid epidemic.


Individual reproductive rights, health privacy, and marriage equality must be protected from government overreach.  No one deserves to have the police, or the judicial system, involved in personal health choices. 

Matt will support legislation to ensure individual liberties are protected.


Coal and coal miners have powered Kentucky’s economy and the nation’s growth for over 200 years.  But environmental concerns are forcing us to look at the future of energy differently. Kentuckians cannot ignore the future, and we need to prepare.  The United States owes Kentucky and other coal-producing regions major investments in new technology, education, and employment opportunities to meet our energy needs for generations to come.  

Kentucky has shown its resilience and ability to transition from legacy industries in the past. Matt will fight to get Kentucky miners and mining communities what they have earned and assure that no Kentucky community is left behind as our energy sources and needs change.


Northern Kentucky is growing and so are our infrastructure needs. Besides the obvious Brent Spence issue, we have a growing airport, growing manufacturing and distribution industries, and a growing knowledge-based economy. We require regional, multi-state, and federal coordination to be sure everyone and every business in our community have world-class infrastructure including clean water and sanitation, connected air, rail, and road logistics.

In addition to “hard” infrastructure, Northern Kentucky needs to secure our knowledge infrastructure too. We need to protect our libraries and small bookstores. All of our citizens must have access to affordable high-speed internet. And we need to appreciate and support our local and regional journalists to bring unbiased and meaningful information to our community.


Despite our superiority in medical research and development of new technologies, America’s healthcare system is bloated and ineffective. We pay vastly more than any other industrialized country in the world for healthcare and we suffer from worse patient outcomes.

The cost of healthcare is especially acute for small businesses and the self-employed, hindering the engine of America’s future economic growth.

Our healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, EMTs, therapists, pharmacists – are overworked and exhausted. They have been on the front line fighting the opioid epidemic and COVID, all while dealing with insurance companies and other middlemen making their jobs more difficult. Our country owes our healthcare workers for their service.

Matt has worked his whole career in healthcare and knows the issues well. He will work tirelessly to bring down healthcare costs, simplify our delivery of healthcare, and improve health outcomes for Kentucky.